What is a Learning Pod?

What is a
learning pod?
Learning pods are small, private groups of students who gather together in a shared location with an assigned lead educator. Students remain enrolled and participate in virtual instruction by their district schools. Students learning experience is supplemented by Podtique educators unaffiliated with the district. 

Podtique offers support that fits your needs in the following ways: 
  • Setting Up a Learning Pod
  • Selecting a Proper Pod Location
  • Agreeing on Safety Protocols and Guidance
  • Choosing the Right Educator for your Learning Pod
Our certified educators all receive training to achieve Learning Pod success. Every educator is fully vetted and must complete Podtique's extensive screening process to verify skills, knowledge and work history. 

This grants families the peace of mind that their students are receiving the best and safest experience.
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Frequently asked


How Does Podtique Handle Educator Payments?

All educators are employees of Podtique. Families simply make their regular service payment to Podtique and we handle the rest.

Does Podtique Offer Consultations?

We are here to serve you and your students. Simply go to our Schedule a Consultation page, enter your information and a specialist will be in contact shortly.

How Do I Contact Podtique?

Getting Started

How Do I Select The Right Lead Educator?

Podtique will complete all the recruitment process for you and select a candidate that meets your criteria. You select the final candidate.

How Do I Create A Learning Pod?

To create a Learning Pod simply contact Podtique for a consult and we will walk you through the process. We offer a four step process that makes creating a Learning Pod easy for everyone involved.

Can Anyone Start A Learning Pod?

Yes, anyone can start a Learning Pod. By working with Podtique, families do not need to worry about NY State paperwork and taxes. Podtique takes care of all administration of your Learning Pod. Contact Podtique to get started.