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Podtique will take care of the entire candidate vetting process to aid in the selection of a lead educator based on families’ needs. Our specialists will identify, evaluate and assess a lead educator candidate based on supplied criteria.

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Background Checked

We conduct a level 2 background screen for all candidates that includes checks for federal and state criminal, child abuse, credit, military, in addition to, education and work histories.

Extensively Vetted

This involves extensive interviews, skill assessments, mandatory trainings and reference checks. 


Once family needs are established, Podtique introduces a curated portfolio of educators based on the family's parameters. When potential educators are selected by the Pod Family for screening, Podtique will coordinate an interview between parties. At Podtique, we encourage families to interview as many educators as you like. If needed, our Specialists are available to help make decisions throughout this process. 

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and payment

Upon choosing the Learning Pod educator, Podtique will setup the paperwork and contracts necessary to setup a safe and successful environment for all parties involved. By placing educators on the Podtique payroll families are free of the hassle and liability of many administrative decisions that hiring an educator on your own comes with. Partnering with Podtique is the easiest and most professional way to setup a Learning Pod. Podtique takes care of the following:

  • Paying employment taxes related to an in-home educator
  • Paying educators weekly via direct deposit or mailed check
  • Scheduling professional development opportunities to improve educator to student relationship
  • Supplying a COVID-19 sanitation and social distancing protocol agreement

Educators and families work together to agree upon time/day to begin instructional support in-person or virtually. Many educators are very eager to work with families and can begin immediately

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