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It is my distinct pleasure to offer a safe and smart solution to the education dilemma that looms on every family and educator's mind today - how do we best support student achievement?

Learning Pods are the premier solution to this most troubling circumstance.

At Podtique, our professional recruiters dial into the needs of families then cater to their needs. Our team has placed professional educators for decades. We are excited to extend our expertise to your family and help ease your mind. 

Let's make the future better together. 

Katie Warnock


Podtique and Staffing Boutique founder, Katie applies her passion for the critical work of the social sector with her strong relationships in the education space. When the pandemic affected Staffing Boutique, Katie's professional staffing business came to a full stop. She wasted no time in pivoting her business and resources to serve the pressing issues of today - safety, fluid learning and stellar staff placement. 

Staffing Boutique's strength lies with its roster of professional and trained educators and Katie's candor and reliability. Placing eager and experienced educators with families to create Learning Pods grew into Podtique. 

Learning Pods are not new to education. They have been used in home schooling circles for years. The pandemic has pushed this concept into the forefront for families who have relied on Learning Pods as a safe, structured alternative for their students complete with a dedicated lead educator and COVID-19 transmission precautions in place.  

We understand that every family wants the absolute best for their student and, the majority, became pseudo educators overnight adding another level of stress and anxiety within the home. Not to worry, Podtique is here to help you through and restore some normalcy into your daily routine.  

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